Box Cloud Content Management

Box for NetSuite enables you to organize your files in Box folders by record type — including purchase orders and invoices — and associate that content with specific NetSuite records. Box empowers teams to transform the way they work by enabling users to easily organize, store and share files in NetSuite, while also ensuring content remains secure and compliant. With the integration, users can easily view and collaborate on content stored in Box directly within NetSuite.
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Key Features

Ensure your business always has the most up-to-date content by storing all of your files in a familiar folder structure organized by NetSuite record type.

Assign Box folders to specific NetSuite records so all of the teams across your organization have quick and easy access to the right content at the right time.

Quickly create shared folders attached to or outside of a NetSuite record and invite colleagues, vendors and customers to review, update and add their own files.

Map NetSuite permission types with Box permissions to automatically manage file visibility throughout your organization and ensure you can meet legal requirements with granular admin controls and customizations.

Allows for more permissions customizations and an improved user navigation experience

Allows users to select existing or new Box folders to link toNetSuite records

Allows for a more intuitive user experience and improvedfolder/file navigation

Allows for more customization and ensures the right files areaccessible by the right users

NetSuite Purchase Order Screenshot

NetSuite Purchase Order Screenshot

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Box Cloud Content Management

Per user pricing per month - prices vary based on usage requirements

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