NetSuite Training

A trained and knowledgeable staff is critical to effective ERP utilization. Allow our staff of Certified NetSuite Consultants to provide continuous training tailored to your company’s individual NetSuite configuration.

"Super User" Training

Our team of certified NetSuite Consultants can work with certain individuals on your team to help develop your internal “Super Users.” We find that those companies that utilize NetSuite to its potential have invested in their teams continuing education. Each department with designated “Super Users” are those that can navigate the system well, quickly pull critical business reports as well as understand and envision what can be to improve your overall efficiency.  

Departments that benefit from “Super Users”: Sales, Marketing, Procurement, Operations, Engineering and Accounting.

Effective Training Models

Course Training

We create some starter courses that we believe help all users. We can also provide user training based on your situation and set to your time frame.

Weekly Training

One Hour per week of Training with department NetSuite users ranging from various topics. Training Hours can be built into NetSuite Administration Plans.

Best Practices

We try to cover NetSuite as well as overall business best practices during training sessions.

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